CVCA In-Barn and Load Lots Off Farm Sale Requirements (CVCA Home Raised) Updated January 2, 2022

  • Member
  • Consignors must be BQA certified in national data base and received an updated chute side training in 2022.
  • Calves must be weaned on farm 60 days in advance of take-in date for sale.
  • Calves need to have:
    • Option 1: (2) 7-way shots, and (1) BoviShield 5 Gold, (1) BoviShield 5 Gold One Shot,  dewormed, and tagged with a CVCA tag.
    • Option 2: (2) 7-way shots, and (1) Pyramid 5, (1) Pyramid 5 Presponse, dewormed, and tagged with a CVCA tag.
  • Minimum weight of calves is 400 lbs.
  • Consignors must own the calves from birth for in barn sales (purchased calves cannot be commingled with other CVCA producer’s calves in-barn sales).
  • Birth dates recommended. Sires for home raised calves need to meet VQA standardsBull registration numbers will need to be provided at time of consigning the cattle or no later than 45 days before the sale.
  • First set of shots have to be given after calves are 4 months of age. Booster shots including pasteurella shot must be given between 60 days before the sale and 21 days before he sale.
  • Vaccinations must be done per label directions and processing map filled out.
  • Calves must grade muscle score #1 or #2 to sell and score a M or L on frame. Consignors are responsible for taking any reject cattle back home on all take-ins for special CVCA sales.
  • It is recommended to give calves up to 4 months of age an internasal 3 way (InForce 3 or similar product) it is also helpful to reduce raspatory issues at weaning if an additional Pasteurella shot or internasal is given to calves.

Options for 7 way shots:

  • Option 1: UltraBac and Ultra Choice 7
  • Option 2: Caliber 7 or Alpha 7
  • Option 3: Vision 7

Options for deworming:

  • Option 1: Dextomax or Valbazine (Injectable or drench recommended)
  • Option 2: Ivomec, Eprinex, or LongRange (Injectable recommended)
  • A white wormer must also be given within 60 days of take in of the cattle.

CVCA Guarantee

  • Members selling in CVCA sales assume all responsibilities and liability for assuring that the required vaccinations according to CVCA rules were given to calves.
  • Heifers sold in CVCA feeder calf sales are guaranteed to be open. If the buyer has a veterinarian determine that a heifer is bred, the seller of the calf will be required to reimburse the buyer $200 per bred heifer. Failure to do so will forbid the sellers opportunity to sell in CVCA sales until payment is made.
  • Steers sold in CVCA feeder calf sales are guaranteed not to be stags or bulls. If the buyer purchases a stag or bull, the seller will be required to reimburse the buyer $150 per stag or bull calf. Failure to do so will forfeit the sellers opportunity to sell in CVCA sales until payment is made.
  • CVCA does not assume any liability for calves delivered to the market or collection point.
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